Carola Laurel Gough
1911 - 2007

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Carola L. Gough April 17th 1911 - July 25th 2007

Remembered as a Loving Daughter, Friend, Artist, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Great-Great-Grandmother, Volunteer, and Mentor

May her life and example continue to live within us and inspire us all

Carola Laurel Gough drew and painted since her grammar school days. She received her early formal training as a protégé of Los Angeles Commercial Artist, Annette Honeywell. Later she studied at Long Beach City College and Compton College, taking life, design, and drawing and painting classes. She also studied with Rex Brandt and Helen Reed, as well as other well known artists of the area.

Having lived in various parts of the world Carola enjoyed painting the Native scene. While living in Alaska Carola did ink sketches of Eskimo life and scenery. She designed Christmas cards for the Alaska Crippled Children's Society. Her watercolors of wildflowers and still life arrangements using Eskimo artifacts are very popular. In Africa, Carola tried to capture the look of the countryside and the village life of the people.

Like Carola, her paintings have gotten around. They hang in homes from Alaska to California, from Africa to Switzerland and Denmark.

Carola passed away at age 96 on Wednesday July 25th, 2007, passing on to her surviving descendants an astonishing legacy of love and commitment. The photographs of her paintings and newspaper appearances contained on this web site are just the beginning of what will be made available in the coming years. Carola and her husband Gene of 65 years kept meticulous records of their world travels, including hundreds of letters, thousands of photographs, and hours of film.

The Gough family is currently working to digitize all this material as per Carola's wishes in order to preserve their legacy. Their body of work communicated their wholehearted embrace of life in hopes that they could continue to inspire not only their descendants, but also their friends and families as well. They certainly achieved that and more.

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This was Carola's original letter to her web site visitors before she passed away.

"Please email if you have comments, this is my first attempt at a web site and at 91 years old I'm not too disappointed. If you are interested in any of the artwork displayed in this site, I am sorry to say that all of my original prints have been sold--in some cases decades ago. I do, however, enjoy my work as a professional artist. I will not work on commission, but if something you see interests you, please let me know. I might play around with your ideas and possibly we can work something out. Again, thank you for your interest.

The original version of this web site was created for me by Carl Johnson, my granddaughter Suzanna's, husband. My son, Gene, created and maintains this version using the original home page and the images that Carl created from photos of my work. My great-grandson Josh, my son Gene's daughter Kathi's son, has built a 3D virtual gallery in Second Life using these images. This is a place where people can visit and interact! If you own land in Second Life, you can even purchase a copy of my art to hang in your virtual abode.

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